Graceful, Tenacious, Creative

Olivia and I met through Briana (check out her blog here). Olivia and Briana have been friends since middle school and Briana even talked Olivia into joining her on the Arundel Swim Team!
Olivia gracefully handled our trek around Annapolis in the blazing summer sun and came ready to show off her posing skills! She joined the Arundel Swim Team with Briana before her family moved to Germany for part of her high school career. Olivia didn't let that slow her down! She swam for her high school while in Germany then finished her senior year at Arundel.
Olivia kept her tenacious streak going in her move to Arizona to chase her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Hey eyes lit up sharing her designs and plans for the future.
Congratulations Olivia! Arundel High Class of 2020! I can't wait to see all you create!