Beautiful, Determined, Proud

I met Briana through my chosen daughter, Leah. Briana and Leah swam together for many years and remained friends so I was thrilled when she asked me to capture her senior portraits!
When I think of how to describe Briana - beautiful, determined, and proud easily come to mind. She has a quiet strength that shines through in her smile and a confidence amplifies her beauty. She set her sights on college in Florida and was accepted at the University of Tampa where she studies Sports Management. Briana is also a proud Peruvian! Learning and honoring her heritage are incredibly important to her.
Briana has been swimming for over 13 years and swam varsity for her entire career at Arundel High. Even recruiting her friend Olivia to join the team with her in high school and for senior portraits of her own. Briana loves living near the beach now! She gets to the water as much as classes allow.
Congratulations Briana! Arundel High Class of 2020! I know you'll accomplish great things!